Guardian of the Core


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  • Review from Bjorn Niskanen

    “Rating 5/5 Stars Great book overall. Fast paced chapters with a quickly evolving plot line makes this book an easy and enjoyable read. Slightly reminiscent of the Dune series, looking forward to the sequel!” Read more
  • Review from Seth Horst

    “5/5 Stars I’m not going to summarize the story. Everyone does that and it is not what people are looking for to decide if a book is worth their time. With that being said, this is a book that will present a worthwhile story with science fictional elements that truly have not been done before and will ... Read more
  • Review from Dianne

    “Rating 5/5 stars In a time honored tradition, it is time for the Guardian of Gladonus to step down, but first, an apprentice must be chosen through a series of trials designed to test character, honor, loyalty, and inner strength and convictions. Only a handful of contestants are deemed worthy and as they come together to ... Read more
  • Review from Nádia Batista

    “4/5 stars Until this day I am still asking myself the reason why this book caught my attention. Its cover did not please me, and the synopsis didn’t seem like something new and wonderful; still, I gave it a try, and I’m glad I did so. This first volume in Guardian of the Core series ... Read more
  • Review from Theresa

    Reviewed on November 9th, 2013. “5/5 Stars. Guardian of the Core is a prestigious position a position of governance and aid, a position of oversight and magic. Eight contestants were chosen to compete in the final trials. Those who showed promise were both royalty and commoner. But it was not the winners of the trials that gained ... Read more
  • Review from Terri Seminuk

    “5/5 stars! I thoroughly enjoyed this story! The characters pulled me in and left me wanting to know more about this world that the author built. I would recommend this book if you want to read something different than the norm. I have to say I’m looking forward to the second book!” Read more
  • Review from Jay Williams

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars “A well-written adventure in a fantasy world, this novel quickly engages the reader and keeps you engrossed through the never-ending action and adventure. People and places are always introduced with a brief description that helps to form mental images as the story progresses. I was completely in suspense up to ... Read more
  • Review from Teresa

    “This is a science fiction story involving magical powers, technological advances and one all powerful guardian. In this portion, the applicants have applied and eight are chosen to compete for an apprenticeship with Eska, the current Guardian of the Core. Should they survive the contests, they will have the opportunity to answer questions for approval ... Read more
  • Review from Betsey Harrison

    “The Guardian of The Core is reaching the close to his 200 year term as Guardian and must seek out a replacement. Letters arrive at different places to assemble the best of the best for the competition to see who will be chosen as the apprentice. Prince Hydro, Eirek, Zain, Zakk, Gabrielle, Prince Evber and ... Read more
  • Review from Duchovney Osborne

    “I don’t normally put a synopsis of the book on my site but this book is so good, I’m making an exception in order to peak interest and hopefully introduce you to a great read you may have overlooked. The synopsis below is taken from Goodreads. { As Edwyrd Eska approaches his two-hundredth year as Guardian ... Read more
  • Review from Tony Eichberger

    “If fans of science-fiction or fantasy are looking for something unique and unconventional, The Trials of the Core blends the two genres in a way that is simple yet elegant.  Michael Thies creates a universe that is sort of a cross between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.  Written unpretentiously and with clear character voices, ... Read more