Guardian of the Core

Review from Dianne

Posted by on Dec 31, 2013

“Rating 5/5 stars

In a time honored tradition, it is time for the Guardian of Gladonus to step down, but first, an apprentice must be chosen through a series of trials designed to test character, honor, loyalty, and inner strength and convictions. Only a handful of contestants are deemed worthy and as they come together to face the unknown, each contestant, win or lose, will hopefully go away having been enriched by the experience. The contestants range from Royalty to commoners, male or female, and each is there with their own personal agenda in mind, be it selfish or selfless. Can these teens learn to trust in others, to see with more than their eyes and to give of themselves without expecting anything in return?

The Trials of the Core book one of the Guardian of the Core series by Michael Thies digs down deep into the minds and hearts of its characters, as the trials continues and each contestant passes or fails, their inner turmoil for past mistakes or future dreams push them on. Wonderfully written, taut and edgy at times, the scenes play out in vivid color! The smells, the sounds, the creatures and the terrain are all there, like a mental movie! Michael Thies has made some bold strokes as he marks out his twisted path to the finish, the final resolution will not be right around the corner, nor was it easy to puzzle out ahead of time! Surprises along the way, right up to the end were perfectly timed, perfectly presented in this journey to inner enlightenment and the choosing of a new future Guardian.

A little Sci-fi, a lot “action and adventure,” The Trials of the Core is filled with strong characters working against the odds to excel!

I received this copy from Writer’s Block Press in exchange for my honest review.”