Guardian of the Core

Planet Onkh: Gar’s Family in Power >> Olivia Aprah

OLIVIA APRAH, daughter of VISIS and AUTUMN APRAH.  Lady of Gar.

Figures of Import:

HORM DUBHALEN, Head Elite of LADY APRAH’s army.

CORRIGAN BRIGGS, Second in Command to LADY APRAH’S army. Father of CADMAR BRIGGS (a contestant to participate in Guardian Eska’s Trials).

KUAR STYR, LADY APRAH’S shadow assassin.

Jöðurr ELDREDGE, advisor to LADY APRAH.

Gøti LANAM, receiver to LADY APRAH.

Sigil: A ruby eye with steel eyelashes around it which looked like pincers. Colors are red and gray and brown.


“A man bent on conquering the mountain tall, is a man meant to eventually fall.”

“Those who are good at chess, lead the best.”

When a man is pushed against a mountain, he climbs it.”

“Walk the path, climb the cliff, conquer the mountain, but do not die for the crown.”


“Fear is only natural, those who do not fear are ignorant to weakness, and thus are their own enemy.

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