Guardian of the Core

Planet Myoli: Ka’Che’s Family in Power >> Abraham Vangle

ABRAHAM VANGLE, Lord of Ka’Che. Son of TYON. Lives in Pelopon, the capital. Married to SHYNA. Has four children:

  • KYLAN of twenty
  • TREV of fifteen
  • LIQUA and LEDLA who are twins at twelve

Abraham has three other siblings:

  • LUKAS, an older brother who is denied
  • ELORINE SESSO who is married to RAMSEY
  • BRISINE BERRESE, the youngest, married to LARON.  Have two children:
    • JAMAAL, oldest son. Married to REINE.
    • ZAIN, a student at Gazo’s Academy (a contestant to participate in Guardian Eska’s Trials)

Sigil: Hawk perched on a man’s arm. Colors red and …………

Figures of Import:

  • ERRION VESK, advisor to Lord Vangle. Nicknamed ERIE and the LORD’S EAR.
  • AENEAS KHRÉOS, Captain of the Sea’s Commander. Bonded to an eagle named, Reyson.
  • GERALD LEVEMP, a royal guard in service to Lord Vangle. Nicknamed the STAR SLINGER.

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