Guardian of the Core

Planet Agrost: Epoch’s Family of Power >> Soren Mesh

SOREN MESH, marquis of VALE. Married to SEREN. Have five children:

  • Oldest is BRAITH AFON, married to GARETH AFON, Baron of Dayle. Have three children, MARI and JANO and CAROL.
  • Second oldest is VERONIKA GAENOR, married to DANOL GAENOR, Baron of Frael. One child, a girl, ADELLE.
  • Third oldest is SARADYN, not married.
  • Fourth oldest is EIRA, currently a teenager.
  • Youngest is AUGUST. Nicknamed AUGGIE.

Sigil: a nightingale bird with beak open and wings expanded. Colors are beige/ivory for bird and lavender for background.


“A song sung is a tale done.”

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